4:58 PM



Meeting you was a mistake:

I saw walls breaking in front of my eyes,

Satellites falling from the sky,

Thunders shattering the ground,

Ocean turning upside down.


I’ve always told myself that

There’s no use of falling in love

With a person who’s equally broken hearted.

Unless they want to seal their hearts back, and

Learn how to build puzzles from pieces.


But you and I are not the kind of people who like to be healed,

We store pain and agony and use them

As fuel to our creativity

We drink loneliness like it’s our only medicine

And we distant ourselves from our loved ones because

We want the pain to be keen


On normal days, you are six million miles away.

Weeping on sunsets, and black and white images.

I gave you up like I did with the ones I passed before.

You’ll keep driving away from my own resistance,

And I will always be the person who loves people from a distance.



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