10:29 PM

I remember shovelling down my walls
Back in that warm December evening.
I can still feel how the golden sun
Penetrated my sight and sparked a little
Joy in my lifeless heart

I started using my tongue
To taste the sweetness of life
Opened my ears to listen
To the bitterness of truth
To unlearn everything that has been taught
And learn the beauty
Of the earth through the eyes
Of a hermit like you.

(I’ve even mastered the art of
Borrowing a lighter
Just in case I would encounter you
In the process.)

But looking for Atlantis
Under an ocean full of catastrophe
Is almost as impossible as
Digging for gold in a pile of dirt.
You can see the light from afar,
But when you think you get closer to it,
It flees even further.

Looking for you is like
Looking for a lost city
Or trying to discover dead languages
And native tongues.
No matter how many degrees I might have earned,
it would still take me a lifetime to excavate your presence.

But you’re unmovable,
Nocturnal, the calm before the storm.
With your placid greyscale vision
And multidimensional void.
I learn to let my lost kingdom go.
I learn to let you go.


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