Sunday, 9.55 AM, Bali.

Take me to the ocean,
Sail me to the sea,
Where the water is deeper than your fears.
Jump into the waves,
There’s a cave without a name,
And dig right in and drown until you’re free.
I will reminisce that day,
Because longing is a liminal space,
But if the ocean is the only thing that we share,
Will you still be there?

Honey drips like rain,
From the memories that you left,
Sweet and sour,
I tried to pull them through.
Step into the car,
Take me everywhere,
Even if it’s just your scent,
Guide me to your room.

I’ve got road maps printed on my veins,
One of the routes will take me to you,
You’ve got an atlas tattooed on your back,
Trace it down, and I’ll be home to you.
I still remember that May,
Where flowers spring in your name,
And our bodies too.

Even if the sun is the only thing we share,
I’ll bite my guts and
I will wait for you.


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