9.16 PM

A couple of jets flew by this morning.
Car alarms went off.
A tree stood still.
Walked home through a graveyard.
Passed a pack of evening ghosts.
Hanging prayers from a tomb.
Asking me to gaze to the moon.
But the moon has passed.
Covered by heavy clouds.
Like your shadow that night.
Diluted by my tastebuds.
But my feet are still hurting from too much walking.
All the way from a railroad to a place called home.
Today, I missed the train again.


-And you


2 thoughts on “And you,

  1. I think this is a really beautiful piece of work 🙂

    The idea of the tree being ‘Unbothered’ by the noisy modernity rushing around it adds a sort of peaceful quality to the piece, reminding the reader that the world goes on regardless of our little dramas and tragedies, which I think is nice to be reminded of now and again. I also like the alliteration of ‘passed a pack’ and the metaphor ‘Hanging prayers from a tomb’, which created a lovely and curious image for me in my head.

    Great work and thanks for sharing 🙂

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