Known as fishermen’s village, the area that covers some of the coastlines of North Jakarta is also a harbour and a home to people from different backgrounds living and breathing on their floating houses.

Coastline areas like Muara Angke, Pluit and Tanjung Priok regularly suffer from seasonal floods, monthly high tides and rising sea levels. Mainly composed of slums, these areas lack protection against high water or floods. Jakarta once benefitted from the natural protection of mangrove forests around its borders, but these are long gone. As recently as 1998, mangroves occupied 44,000 hectares in Jakarta, West Java and Banten. By 2009, they had been reduced to just more than 11,000 hectares. (Elisabetta Zavoli,


Kids and teenagers in this area find amusement by boating around the harbour and hanging out on the coastline borders


This couple was selling food and beverages on a pavement near the harbour.


Fishermen use their boats as their second home. They have everything from portable stove to water galloons there.


A ruined building near the harbour


This man has been living in Jakarta for over five years and work as a container truck driver.


Peeking through a long line of ships


“I can take you to the furthest border if you want. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.”


Fixing his boat


Another ship crew who also works as a tour guide in the harbour


I had the chance to explore one of the ships parked in the harbour. The ships are like their second home; they have ‘bedrooms’, kitchen, control area, and also clotheslines.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 4.28.36 PM

A ship crew sleeping in one of the rooms


Crews on a break

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 4.28.22 PM

Boating around the harbour!


These kids used to live in the now demolished Kampung Akuarium. They can operate small boats, and spend their time around the harbour.


A container truck driver waiting for his duty


Overheard: “you promised to give me the money yesterday”


Truck driver sleeping in his truck. The truck was parked near the market area.


A group of fishermen lounging near the fish market.


One of shrimp-ing ships. Equipped with hundreds of huge lightbulbs to fish at night.


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