Muara Angke

Known as fishermen's village, the area that covers some of the coastlines of North Jakarta is also a harbour and a home to people from different backgrounds living and breathing on their floating houses.


Hello again

How do we begin? Hello, it’s me again. It’s been a while. Let me start everything from the beginning since I just realised that I’ve never introduced myself properly in this blog. My name is Fieni. I am a twenty-something person from Jakarta, the polluted megapolis that I romanticise a lot. I work as a…Read more Hello again


10/01/2018 (7:12 AM) I just realised that I've been writing about the same person for almost five years. The man with wavy hair and curls hanging on his forehead, the one with cigarette butts, the one with warm skin under the sunlight, and of course the one who shares a past. In reality, we don't…Read more Musings